About me

Hello! I'm Annie Parsons, an illustrator, designer, and art teacher living and working in a small town in the mountains of Virginia. I love the rhythm of everyday life: neighborhood walks, homemade dinners, family game night- and my goal as an illustrator is to make art that serves and celebrates those small but meaningful moments.


My work is rooted in handmade techniques: watercolor, collage, pencils, and ink. My art always begins its life on paper, and then I use digital media to create a final piece that is ready for a variety of applications. I love creating art that is colorful and positive with a subtle sense of humor.


I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, and the joy and hope I find in Him informs my art and everything I do. My interests include pasta, cute sneakers, Hallmark Christmas movies, and Dungeons & Dragons, and I’m currently on a search for the comfiest sweater in the world.

Photo by Bursting Skies Photography



Thank you for your interest in my artwork! Feel free to contact me with business inquiries, or just to say hello.

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