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Teaching art is a passion of mine; I love digging into a topic and making it clear, accessible, and enjoyable for students. My educational content is fun and easy for all skill levels, and my biggest goal as a teacher is to help people begin and maintain a vibrant, consistent art habit.


In my ten classes on the online education platform Skillshare, over 5,000 students have joined me in learning drawing, watercolor, collage, surface design, and simple craft projects. It's such a joy to be part of a community that is constantly creating and growing together.

Social media has also been a powerful tool for art education: I post regular tutorials and resources on my own Instagram profile, and I have created and hosted livestreams, blog posts, and social media takeovers for art brands Spoonflower and Tombow USA.


Student Reviews


from "Collage Greeting Cards: Create Simple
and Beautiful Paper Art."

"I find this video tutorial very instructive, easy to follow and I am just prepared to start with my handmade cards!"